Specialist Pesticide Consultant

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  • Dr ERIC Sandmann Pr.Sci.Nat.
  • Telephone: +27 12 3620275
  • Mobile: +27 83 271 9643
  • Email: eric@specialistpesticideconsulatant.co.za


  • Expert advice in pesticide matters relating to agriculture and the environment in South Africa.
  • Liaising between Government bodies, third parties, and your company to facilitate the registration of your pesticide with Act 36 of 1947, DALRRD, in Pretoria, South Africa.

About us

Dr ERIC Sandmann Pr.Sci.Nat.

His experience will be of great benefit to your business endeavour in South Africa:

Manager of the Programme Pesticide Science, Plant Protection Research Institute, Agricultural Research Council in Pretoria (1979 – 1991; 1993 – 2012).

Expert member of the UN FAO/WHO Joint Meeting of Pesticide Specifications (JMPS), and the Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council (CIPAC) (2001 – 2009).

Appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs as technical Adviser to the Registrar of Act 36 of 1947 (2007 – 2009).